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Visit 9 Places And Live like a local in Aswan

Tourists who come to visit Aswan look forward to live like a local, with all their simplicity, kindness and affection.

Aswan is a beautiful calm city, which is located on the banks of the great River Nile in Upper Egypt, which has the magic of picturesque nature, warm weather, and bright sun, especially in winter. It is really a wonderful experience to live like a local in Aswan.

The High Dam and the symbol of Egyptian-Soviet friendship

Live like a local in Aswan

Aswan has been known since ancient times for its association with the ancient Egyptian civilization, as well as the story of the Egyptian people’s struggle to build the High Dam, which is an epic of the Egyptian struggle. Whoever aspires to live like a local, he has  to see the High Dam, the greatest engineering masterpiece of the twentieth century, and Lake Nasser, the largest artificial lake in the world.

The plants island

Live like a local in Aswan

Dear tourist, to reach that island, you will enjoy a dreamy Nile cruise, across the mighty River Nile, and you will be able to live like a local. This island is considered a nature reserve with rare species and types of plants and trees, designed with a wonderful design, and restrooms and seats are provided for the convenience of visitors. The place is perfectly suitable for families, where everyone enjoys amusement and fun in these wonderful gardens. For students of science, there is an introduction of the types of plants and their origins and all their important information that benefits science seekers.

After you, dear visitor, enjoy your tour of the Botanical Island Gardens, it is time to get some rest, have drinks and snacks, and also share the local people in getting to know their local goods and products that are sold in the place, such as colorful embroidered caps, and a lot of manufactures and accessories that will inevitably be suitable as souvenirs for friends and loved ones.

Don’t forget to take great photoes, everything around you is unique and wonderful.

Live like a local in the new Nuba village

Live like a local in Aswan

Usually, we move from one place to another on our tour of Aswan by Nile Cruise, looking around and enjoying the most wonderful views of nature and the universe. These un forgettable views will remain engraved in the memory.

We are now on our way to visit the Nubian village, through which we learn about the life of a part of the inhabitants of the city of Aswan, which has its own unique features.

The New Nubia Village is considered one of the most popular tourist attractions, and where tourists can live like a local.

During your visit to the village, you visit one of the Nubian houses built in the form of domes in bright colors for which Nubia is famous, and is considered one of its distinctive features.

In addition, you will enjoy the special Nubian food (feteer, honey and old cheese). Nothing is cooler than having a Nubian mint tea after a meal, and watching the beautiful local folk arts.

Do not be surprised if you see a crocodile breeding tank inside the house, as it is one of the authentic Nubian customs.

Don’t forget to buy more Nubian crafts works like boaters, bowls and baskets made of  the colorful Nubian Bamboo. You will watch vendors parade through the village lanes, displaying their beloved local crafts works and beautiful souvenirs.

The most famous popular market in Aswan

Live like a local in Aswan

If you would like to live like a local, you should visit the “Street” market, which is the longest market that extending along the Corniche in Aswan.

It is a set of successive kiosks, which display various local and international products, especially spices, aromatic and medicinal herbs, and the traditional clothes that Aswan is famous for.

The “Street” market also displays distinctive varieties of oriental sweets, and the honey-canes for which Aswan is famous.

Restaurant “Elmasry”

One of the famous Aswan restaurants, it was established in 1958 AD, it is located in the center of the country on Airport Street, and is characterized by its design in the Nubian style.

Once inside, it attracts the smell of “homemade” food, where visitors enjoy the most delicious Egyptian dishes such as molokhia, lentil soup, stuffed pigeons and potato tray, in addition to the famous grilled meat dishes such as kebab and kofta..

Visit Elephantine Island

Live like a local in Aswan

You feel completely like you live like a local during your visit to Elephantine Island. You visit this wonderful island just like its people, without restrictions or paying fees. And the island is rich in many ancient monuments, it has a number of museums, ancient temples, and many rare artifacts. You can wander around the island and enjoy the scenic landscapes, and take wonderful memorial photos.

Dokka Restaurant

Live like a local in Aswan
One of the most famous restaurants in Aswan, it has a stunning location on Elephantine Island in the heart of the Nile River and surrounded by mountains and pharaonic monuments, making it a place where you enjoy calm, relaxation and taking pictures, Al-Dawka Restaurant offers a range of distinctive Nubian and local dishes, in addition to coffee. and Aswani kardakiyah, which is one of the most famous drinks in Aswan.
In Dokka Restaurant you live like a local.

Take a tour of Philae Temple

Live like a local in Aswan

It is one of the beautiful Aswan temples, which tourists are keen to visit, and discover the genius of the ancient Egyptian in construction and design, and the splendor of the columns, decorations and inscriptions on them.

This unique temple was at risk of drowning during the construction of the High Dam, and it was saved by the initiative of the UNESCO Science and Arts Organization, and it was dismantled and moved to its current location and included in the UNESCO Rare Antiquities folder.

Now you need a delicious meal. Follow us

Chef Khalil Restaurant

Live like a local in Aswan

If you are a fan of delicious fish dishes, we recommend Chef Khalil Restaurant, one of the best Aswan restaurants for fish and seafood, located in the market area in the center of the country. The restaurant also serves fish tagines, grilled or fried fish with tahini salad, and sea fruit sorbet. Have your delicious meal, and live like a local.

Visit the Temple of Kom Ombo

Live like a local in Aswan

In temple of Kom Ombo you can also live like a local, because you can watch its great monuments everywhere without restrictions. Check out the Kom Ombo Museum, which is located on the banks of the Aswan Nile, it was built in the Ptolemaic period, you can reach it by one of the wonderful Nile Cruises, and see the amazing statues of many ancient Egyptian beliefs, and the columns with exquisite inscriptions, which still retain their colors for thousands of years.

Do not miss a visit to the mummified crocodiles next to the temple.

Visit Abu Simbel Temple

Live like a local in Aswan

The temple is located west of Lake Nasser, and it is one of the huge temples, which was prone to drowning, and it was rescued and moved to its current location by the initiative of UNESCO, and international cooperation in order to save these immortal monuments.

The temple was built during the reign of King Ramses II, and what distinguishes it most is 4 huge statues of the king, and at the base 4 small statues of the mother, wife and children. It is one of the most famous temples in the world, that many tourists from all over the world come to visit it.

When you are in Aswan, you can really live like a local.

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