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Sokhna Port

Port Description

Sokhna Port is the port of 21st century. It is considered one of the recent ports that were established by B.O.T system. It is managed via logistic centers. It is regarded as one of the huge national projects. It is also the result of planning, regular executing for an important phase concerning the position of Egypt on the map. It is considered the first comprehensive and multi purpose hub port. It comes under what is called “Third Generation ports” to serve export and import operations of general cargo, bulk and container handling. It is also equipped with ultimate technology.

Location of the port

It is located on the western coast of Suez gulf, on a distance 22.3 km2 and away from Suez city 43 km.

Port Specifications

Total Area 87.8 km2 (87818000 m2)
Water Area 65.5 km2 (65518000 m2)
Land Area 22.3 km2 (2230000 m2)

Maximum Capacity 8.5 million ton/year

  • General Cargo 4.75 million tons a year
  • Containerized cargo 3.75 million tons a year
  • TEU Capacity :400000 teus a year


Navigation Features

Navigation Channels

Entrance channel of length 3650m. and width 250m. depth from 18m. up to 17m. in an entrance of diameter 560m. with a draft of 17m


Pilotage is compulsory in the port


Rank Number of Pilots
Senior Pilot 1
First Pilot 1


Berths Information according to their types

Berth Type Number of Berths Length (m.) Width (m.) depth (m.)
Ro Ro 2 200 30 17
Bulk & General 1 750 30 17
Container 1 750 30 17
Tug Craft 1 200 5.5
Assisting units 1 100 5.5
Third dock 1 350 17
Total 7 2350

Port Services and Facilities


  • The port uses an electronic system in the customs and control to achieve faster cargo release.
  • The port is provided with cameras for monitoring the yards, berths and fence. Sokhna port is the first port that supplies the ISPS code.
  • The port also comprises a control tower with 40m height provided with the latest radars and communication equipment

Bunkering and Supplies

  • Fresh water
  • Solar
  • Diesel
  • Spare parts
  • Bunkering vessels
  • Waste water reception
  • Fumigation
  • Pilotage and tugging
  • Food stuff

Security, Safety and Environmental Preservation Properties

  • Medical facilities (equipped ambulance)
  • Fire fighting network (110 binary values with 2 extinguishing pumps)
  • Pollution combating


Address:Ein El-Sokhna Port, Suez– El-Sokhna.

Telephone: +2(062) 3710320 – 3710322.

Transfers from Sokhna Port

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