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Cairo International Airport

Cairo International Airport

Cairo International Airport

Everything you need to know about Cairo International Airport.


Cairo International Airport is one of the most popular airports around the world. It has a history of achievements and progresses.


Travelers around the world love and choose Cairo international airport because of so many reasons as Cairo international airport provides a lot of servers and has the most excellent pilots. If you wanted to know more about Cairo international airport, you would love to read this article.


Know more about Cairo International Airport Facts.

Cairo International Airport is the backbone of Egypt Air, It is considered as one of the busiest Egyptian Airport. Cairo Airport is located towards the north-eastern part of the city and about 15 kilometers from the center of the City’s business area.


Cairo International Airport is the principal and first entry to Egypt. It is the face that reflects our progress and ancient civilization. Therefore, Cairo Airport Company is interested in adopting an integrated Policy outlining the company concepts and vision regarding Quality; Environment; and Occupational Health and Safety.


It is managed together with other airport facilities by EHCAAN or the Egyptian ownership Company for Airports and Air Navigation. Through contractual actions by AG, Cairo international airport management is held. It began as a naval foundation, it was after the Second World War that Cairo Airport started to take form.


On an American Bayn Field air-force base, Cairo international airport was built. The American Bayn Field air-force base was built in the forties to serve the alliance forces in the Second World War. After The American Bayn Field air-force base was run by the Civil Aviation authority which named it “King Farouk airport.


After the war, the American Forces commanding has left Egypt, Cairo International Airport was taken over by the Civil Aviation Authority for international civil aviation purposes.



The old airport located in the Heliopolis in 1963 was replaced by Cairo International airport. Cairo International airport was much better than the old airport located in the Heliopolis as it has much better facilities and it has a capacity of 5 million passengers a year.




Several halls were established to be added on passenger capacity of the airport in the early seventies. The responsible for Cairo international airport observe the increase in the number of airport visitors so, in the eighties, they decided to establish a second terminal to serve an additional 3.5 million passengers per year. After replacing the old airport by Cairo International Airport in 1963, Cairo international airport earned its title. It is located along the Hike-Step region in the eastern part of Cairo.


Cairo International Airport became able to receive about 14.4 million passengers at the end of 2009. This number is a significant increase from the previous year. It also handled about 143,000 movements of aircraft in the same year, also a strategic raise up from the last few years.


Loads of airfreight passing through the airport reached 275,000. Amidst these statistics, Cairo Airport still turns up as second in Africa in terms of busy airport activity. Cairo International Airport is a fascinating airport as it is used by more than 65 airlines, as well as nine cargo and charter airline.


Egypt Air has the largest segment of operations in the airport, occupying about 61 percent of all exodus halls. After Egypt Air was combined with the lucrative Star Alliance carrier, Cairo Airport has been recommended to become the central hub of significant destinations from Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, since it has A380 facilities among other significant utilities.



As the airport keeps on growing in terms of passenger and air traffic, it is in steady development the wanted Requirements that are in constant raising.


As a result of the continuing increase in the number of travelers around Cairo international airport, the responsible for Cairo international airport put all their efforts to put a development plan which is supposed to be going underway to renew the facilities and increase the airport passenger capacity to 22 million. Now, Cairo airport hold for three terminals, which were built at the highest standards with the latest technological devices to offer its passengers high-quality aviation services.

Cairo International Airport Location.


  • Cairo International Airport Location: 22km north east of Cairo, 40km of Giza pyramids.it is located about 15 kilometers from the heart of the City’s business area.


  • Cairo International Airport Geographical Coordinates: Latitude:30° 8′ 15” N, Longitude: 31° 24′ 24”E.


  • Cairo International Airport Elevation: 116m / 382f.


  • Cairo International Airport Address: Airport Road, Heliopolis, 11776 Cairo, Egypt.


  • Cairo International Airport Tel: +20 2 2655000, 2653413.


  • Cairo International Airport Fax : + (202) 226 53214 .



Cairo International Airport Profile.


Capital city airport that made it can score Benefits from its appropriate position between Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. 60 million people in its catchment area.14.4 million passengers in 2009.


Opening of Terminal 3 on December 18th, 2008. The new terminal covers 180,000 sq m of gross floor area and features 57 aircraft parking positions.


With the start of operation of Terminal 3 in April 2009, the capacity is increased from 11 million to 22 million passengers. Opening the fourth runway, beginning 2011 will raise up the airport capacity to more than 60 movements per hour.


Cairo international airport operates the full 24 hours in the day. Cairo international airport is a Hub of Egypt air, a member of Star Alliance.


There are a lot of further projects which are meant to be added to Cairo international airport like modernization Terminal 2, multi-story car park, an airport hotel with 300 beds, people move.


Reach Cairo International Airport Faster.

As it is known, Cairo is a busy place so getting Cairo International Airport sometimes become hard. So to avert traffic jams in Al-Orouba st., which is the basic road connects the airport with downtown, there is a new road gives an alternative route during peak times. This new route improves traffic congestion along with the airport’s basic access routes.



The full description of Cairo International Airport.

The building is formed from a ground floor, first floor and a mezzanine. The domain of work has been divided into three phases. The 1st phase was renewing for the ground floor and has been completed in March 2002, and during the operation of this work, the airport addresses normal activities.


The ground floor holds for the main access doors, bar, cafeteria, leading duty-free shops, boutiques, and transit/ transfer facilities. The second phase was opened in June 2003, as an expansion for the upper floor, which comprises of lounges, cafes, and the car parking area. First and business class lounges will be located on the mezzanine floor. For economical class, travelers will pay for salons, each salon discloses for a different theme; Italian, British, American, French, and Arabic. Also, there will be a deluxe VIP lounge to fit all tastes.



Cairo international airport Servers.


  • Cairo international airport facilities.

Cairo Airport provides so many facilities expanded from money until communications. There are other essential facilities in the airport as both international and national telephone services, screens and monitors with detailed flight information, telephones for passenger’s inquiries using IVR, banking facilities, rent cars companies, information desks, post office, pharmacy, clinic, disabled traveler facilities, baggage trolleys, and porters are also available.


Cairo International Airport is not just an important airport it is also considered as a huge source for the development of the Egyptian economy. As it always has a developing plan which always aims to provide the opportunities that serve the airports today.



Cairo International Airport is meant to be in the first place as a commercial project thus the operation should always be equipped towards increasing income, international studies show that air transport fees represent only 40% of airport income, a percentage that is expected to decrease to 20% in 10 years. Meanwhile, commercial operations will provide 80 % of airport income.


The Airport keeps on achieving continuous developments as expanding the capacity of the transit hall from 1200 to 4500 passengers per hour, and a new parking area with a capacity of 800 vehicles has been constructed at a cost of 25 million pounds.


One of the most remarkable achievements for Cairo international airport is, building a new VIP arrival departure halls which were expanded outside the airport with a capacity of 180-200 passengers per hour. The new hall basically provides its serves to the first-class passengers and businessmen who want to pay more but to have rest in superior lounges while their papers and luggage are being checked.




Renewing Terminal 3, which is named for domestic flights, is considered as one of the most successful fascinating for Cairo international airport. Do you want long-time parking? That is not a problem anymore because Cairo international airport provides a multi-story underground garage where you can get long-time parking.


There are a lot of expected changes and facilities which are expected to be done in Cairo International airport which aim to help the 40-years old hub to cope with the increased air traffic coming into Egypt, as well as the changes in modern aviation that have taken place since the airport was first built.






  • Provide Food and Drinks.

Any passenger cannot accept being in an airport which does not provide good food and drinks. It is an essential issue for every passenger. So providing excellent food and drinks is an important point for Cairo international airport.


In Cairo international airport the food and drinks are also available, with various fast foods and restaurants located within the airport. Leisure bars can be found in the Departure Halls and are open 24-hours daily.



Shopping is an essential part of Cairo Airport. In Cairo international airport the visitors and passengers can visit the many gift shops available. Bookshops, clothes shops, and newsagents feature in the terminals and Departure Halls as well as in the newly refurbished transit halls. In Cairo International airport you can get the best souvenirs ever which make you always remember that you had a nice trip.



In Cairo international airport you can find duty-free shopping. In Cairo International Airport there is plenty of porters who would like to carry all your bags and luggage. There is a pharmacy in every terminal departure. So if you forget your medicine in your country or on the plane, you would find a nearby pharmacy to get from it your medicine.





  • In Cairo International Airport you can hold your business meetings.


In Cairo International Airport you can hold your meeting as there a plenty of halls which are made for holding Business meetings and conference, for example, the Terminal 1’s business center is linked to the transit hall through an escalator, providing such services as fax and computer. Meeting rooms for business purposes are also availed at the Cairo Airport.


In the terminals, a lot of VIP lounges are available in plenty as is wireless internet access.







  • Everyone can get comfort.

If you are a traveler who is disabled or you know anyone who is disabled, well in Cairo international airport that will not a problem at all.


As travelers who are disabled, Cairo international airport provides wheelchairs and disabled toilets are also a part of the Airport’s utilities. It is important for disabled travelers to be in contact with their airline since reserved parking spaces are not available for the disabled.



  • Getting a car is an easy issue.

You can hire services from companies like Thrifty, Budget, and Avis, uber and Kareem which can be accessed at Cairo Airport. If you have no time or prefer to board a taxi to hire a car, ask for public transport are provided by the newly introduced shuttle bus services, connecting the airport to the center of Cairo as well as Heliopolis.




Cairo International Airport is considered as the main gate of our Country, Egypt. Cairo International airport has a history of progress.

Through This article, we have given you the necessary information about Cairo International Airport. So if you want to know about the airport’s location, formation, history, and its serves, you will find all that in the article.


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