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El-Dekheila Port


El-Dekheila Port is an extension to the port of Alexandria. The harbor serves a steelworks situated nearby. In addition there are berths for bulk, petroleum, coal, general cargo, container and Ro-Ro traffic.

Port ID Number (ISPS Code) 17350
Approval Date 17/6/2004
Time Zone +2 GMT
VHF 9 11 13 16
ISPS Code Source


Long 29 o 49 / E
Lat 31 o 08 / N

Natural Characteristics

Weather Prevailing winds are North West.
Wind Scale 2-3 Beaufort (in summer), 3-4 Beaufort (in winter)
Water Density 1.030 g/cm3
Raining Season Winter
Tidal range and flow 0.46 m. above the constat level of the map


Port Specifications

Total Area 6240000 sq.m.
Water Area 2740000 sq.m.
Land Area 3500000 sq.m.


Maximum Capacity 22.1 million ton/year:

  • General Cargo: 10.2 million ton.
  • Dry Bulk: 3.4 million ton
  • Liquid Bulk: 3.5 million ton
  • Containerized Cargo: 5 million ton
  • TEU Capacity: 500000
  • Max. Ship Size: 168000 GRT
  • Max. Depth: 20 m
  • Working Hours: 24 hr. (scheduled time)



Navigation Channels

1.5 mile length, 250 m. width, 20 m. depth.

Turning Circle

750 m. diameters, 20 m. depth for vessel maneuvering.

Main Breakwater

Breakwater To protect the port from widespread waves progressing from the North West 2250 m. long. The breakwater extends from Agamy throughout the several natural island, and consists of concrete – reinforced stones. The breakwater Chart datum varies from 2.77 m. to 5.8 m., reaches a depth between 10, 14 and the side sloping is 2 : 1.


It follows the regulations of Alexandria Port except Sumid units.


It follows the regulations for all ships whose tonnage exceeds 2000 tons.

Services and Facilities

Supply and Bunkering

  • Fresh water
  • Fuel
  • Oils
  • Cleaning
  • Wastes
  • Foodstuff
  • Electric appliances
  • Ballast water reception
  • Navigational publications
  • Provisions free zone
  • Accommodation requirements
  • Feeders
  • Solar
  • Fumigation
  • Diesel
  • Spare parts
  • Light fuel gas terminal
  • Liquefied gas terminal
  • Air transport


Security, Safety and Environmental Preservation Properties

  • Security
  • Safety Service
  • Rescue OPeration
  • Medical capabilities
  • Fire Fighting
  • Pollution Combating


Address Dekheila Port Authority (Affiliated to Alexandria Port Authority) 106 El-Horreya Avenue.
Telephone +203/4460124 to 4460126 (3 Lines)
Fax +203/ 4460151

Transfers from El-Dekheila Port

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