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Enjoy visiting Egypt and live like a local in Cairo 2021

You have a wonderful opportunity to live like a local in Cairo, as Cairo is a charming city in which many elements of tourism, culture, historical, and entertainment are met as well.

Cairo is famous for its popular atmosphere, staying up until morning in nightclubs, cafés, and walk along the Nile Corniche.

Cairo was known as the city of a thousand minarets, most of which are historical minarets and tourist attractions.

When you visit Cairo, you need many days to enjoy the different attractions, explore its historical streets, and old neighbourhoods, such as Khan El Khalili and Fatimid Cairo, and spend unforgettable times wandering between its old and modern markets.

You live like a local in Cairo as visiting the Cairo Tower, the Citadel of Muhammad Ali, the Egyptian Museum, the Coptic Museum, and many other important attractions.

Visiting the markets in the old neighbourhoods, and eating in their popular restaurants is one of the purposes of travelling to Cairo, and to live like a local in Cairo. Today, we make a tour in the most important neighbourhoods of Old Cairo, and learn about its famous markets and restaurants.

Live like a local in Cairo in Khan El Khalili

The khan will enchant you with its antique structure, ancient Mamluk gates, and the splendour of its copper-inlaid buildings.

The khan has small shops filled with local goods, including gold works and accessories, as well as copper pots with exquisite inscriptions, in addition to clothes of a local character, embroidered with coloured threads.

Tourists also buy colourful glassware, as well as hookahs, leather products, and various types of herbs and incense, which Khan al-Khalili is famous for.

live like a local in Cairo

Famous Restaurants in Khan El Khalili

In Khan Al-Khalili, there are a number of restaurants that serve delicious popular foods, such as Al-Dahan Restaurant, Hati Al-Amal, and Khan Al-Khalili’s Opera Restaurant, all of which offer kebabs, grilled kofta on charcoal, different types of chicken, tagines and a number of salads and appetizers.

The restaurants are decorated with Islamic decorations, with cheerful colours.

Al-Fishawy coffee

live like a local in Cairo

A visit to Khan El Khalili would not be complete without sitting at the ancient al-Fishawi coffee, which was the favourite place for celebrities and writers to meet, drink mint tea, and discuss topics of literature and art. Sit in al-Fishawy coffee and live like a local in Cairo.

Wandering around the streets of Cairo is endless fun. Inevitably, you will feel hungry and need to eat a meal on the Egyptian way, which is loved by everyone who visited Egypt, especially Cairo.

do not worry about that, we will show you some outstanding restaurants, which serve delicious Egyptian food at the best prices.

Naguib Mahfouz Cafe

live like a local in Cairo

One of the most important attractions in the Khan al-Khalili area, which is the cafe bearing the name of the international Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz, Nobel Peace Prize holder

This authentic Egyptian cafe and restaurant in Khan El Khalili is definitely worth a visit, as it offers visitors an excellent Egyptian menu, in addition to the splendour of the decor, the beautiful folk character. You live like a local in Cairo when you listen to the wonderful oriental melodies of the Oud band that plays in the place constantly.

the most famous restaurants in Cairo

Abu El Sid Restaurant

live like a local in Cairo

It is considered one of the most famous Egyptian restaurants in Cairo. It serves authentic Egyptian cuisine dating back to the Fatimid era, characterized by its wooden decorations made of arabesques, and traditional decorations and antiques that are spread throughout the place. You live like a local in Cairo when you dine with classical Egyptian melodies and songs.

Abou El Sid restaurant has several branches in Cairo.

Zaytouna Restaurant

One of the most famous restaurants in Cairo that serves Egyptian food, and it opens 24 hours a day. You can stay up in the magical Cairo night as you like, and enjoy delicious meals such as moussaka, molokhia, and delicious grills, at any time without worry.

The restaurant is located in the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo, on the Nile River, and the restaurant is distinguished by its modern decor

In addition to the various meals, it is served as an open buffet that receives visitors for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which will impress them.

Kaddoura fish restaurant

live like a local in Cairo

Kaddoura Restaurant is a famous name in the world of Egyptian restaurants that offers the best varied and delicious fish meals. When you enter the restaurant, you feel like you live like a local in Cairo, and you are heading to a place that resembles a fish market, and you choose the fish you like, and then choose the method of cooking the fish you prefer, grilled, fried or tagine.

This unique place is popular with visitors, and it serves the finest fish dishes of various kinds.

Koshary Abu Tarek

For the most beautiful experience of discovering the Egyptian koshary dish, head to Abu Tarek Restaurant in the city center, since 1950, which is world famous for preparing the famous koshary dish, which consists of a mixture of rice, pasta and lentils, with a spicy tomato sauce garnished with chickpeas and crispy fried onions, With garlic vinegar or hot pepper sauce. Try live like a local in Cairo, with Abu Tarek Restaurant.

The most famous markets and malls in Cairo

Live like a local in Cairo in the Arabia Mall

live like a local in Cairo

The Arabia Mall is considered one of the best comprehensive commercial centres in Cairo, and includes a large number of stores that sell international brands and local products, in addition to a group of antiques and gift shops that are accepted by foreign tourists.

The mall also includes a number of luxury restaurants, offering different food colours, which satisfies all tastes, as well as entertainment spaces, children’s areas, and a variety of cafes.

The mall also has branches of banks and telecommunications companies so that all visitors’ needs are gathered in one place.

Genena Mall

live like a local in Cairo

One of the most important malls in Cairo, it is located in Nasr City, one of the most important neighborhoods in Cairo. Genena Mall includes many important shops and malls, which display international brands of clothing, perfumes and accessories.

In the mall, there are a number of restaurants that serve different types of eastern and western food, in addition to delicious Egyptian food. Genena Mall features an ice rink. Live like a local in Cairo, in Genena Mall.

Sun City Mall

One of the largest markets and malls in Cairo, and it has a special reputation where the visitor asks to visit. The mall has many shops that offer international and locally-made luxury products, in addition to areas for restaurants and cafes. There are also places for entertainment and cinemas.

Maadi City Star Complex

live like a local in Cairo

The complex is located in the Maadi district, and is one of the newest and largest Cairo markets. It includes many high-end shops that include fashion for women, men and children, shoes, accessories, food and home furniture. There are also many restaurants, cafes and a cinema hall, and the complex also includes a large hypermarket of the international Carrefour chain.

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