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3 ways to Live like a local in Hurghada

Live like a local in Hurghada is your only way to get close to the true nature of the city. Most of the tourists are looking forward to living like a local in Hurghada, which attracts several tourists from various places, as it is a destination for foreign and Arab tourists, as well as for domestic tourism.

In this topic, we discuss the most popular tourist places that bring you closer to the nature of the city and make you live like a local.

Live like a local in Hurghada

Most famous local Restaurants in Hurghada to live like a local

Usually, getting to know the country’s popular dishes is one of the interesting things that a tourist seeks to get to know.

The city of Hurghada is characterized by the presence of many distinctive restaurants, which offer many types of Egyptian folklore, as well as the popular character in its design, the staff working there, and also the pots in which the food is served. All these factors help the tourist to live like a local.

The most popular restaurants in Hurghada

In this part of today’s article, we learn about a number of popular restaurants that are accepted by foreign tourists coming to Hurghada

Gad restaurant

Live like a local in Hurghada

Gad Restaurant, located in El Arousa Square, is one of the best restaurants in Hurghada. It is distinguished by its popular dishes such as beans and falafel, in many popular and cheap ways.

To live like a local Gad Restaurant is one of the well-known and very popular Egyptian restaurants that help the tourists to do so. It offers a price menu that includes many popular dishes, It has a distinctive menu that includes a large number of types of foul and falafel meals, with special fast foods such as shawarma, liver sandwiches, etc., in addition to a menu consisting of soups and salads, as well as wonderful oriental desserts, which are accepted by foreign and Arab tourists.

The restaurant is characterized by the elegance of its simple furniture, the distinctive style of serving orders, and providing a comfortable atmosphere for visitors, as well as its cheap prices.

Porto Fino Restaurant

One of Hurghada’s most important popular restaurants, it is located in the Dahar area. It is characterized by serving popular meals such as beans and falafel, and types of salads, and popular appetizers such as tahini, Baba Ghanoush, pickles, and local salads. It is also famous for providing pasta prepared from excellent raw materials, and Italian pizza.

It is characterized by its simple and comfortable decorations, its relaxing atmosphere, and the good reception and hospitality. There you can live like a local easily.

Elhajja restaurant

If you, dear tourist, want to get acquainted with dishes from within the Egyptian family’s kitchen, we recommend this unique experience and eat at the “Al-Hajjah” restaurant. Al Hajja Restaurant is located in Sheraton Street, where you can eat okra, beans, and white rice tagines, types of mahshi and green molokhia, grills of kebab and kofta, pasta with bechamel, and other meats, and grilled chicken.

Sitting in El Hajja Restaurant gives you a feeling as if you are sitting in an Egyptian house, surrounded by an Egyptian family, in which there is warmth and intimacy, which has earned the restaurant wide fame, and tourists who visit Hurghada are keen to visit and eat there as an essential part of their visit program of the city.

The restaurant is managed by a distinguished group of highly experienced workers with good hospitality, and they do well to present dishes in a distinctive way that pleases the eye, in a place characterized by simplicity, cleanliness, and good coordination.

Working hours in Al-Hajja Restaurant start from two in the afternoon until six in the evening.

How do you spend the evening Live like a local in Hurghada?

Live like a local in Hurghada

In Hurghada, there are many amusement parks and markets that are full of popular products. It is called a “bazaar”, as it is preferred by tourists because it offers cheap and locally made products and products.

One of these places is “Senzo Mall”, located on Safaga Road, where young and old people are happy, whether to shop for local products such as the galabiya that makes you feel like you live like local, pharaonic-themed accessories, and wonderful paintings of papyrus. It is also possible to buy souvenirs and gifts, as well as famous brands of clothes and perfumes, with attractive offers, and cheap prices.

There are many popular cafes in the mall, where tourists drink green tea with mint and smoke shisha with the famous Egyptian molasses.

Wandering the old Sheraton Street

Live like a local in Hurghada

The tourist can get more fun, and integration into the local, while wandering in the old Sheraton Street, where many cafes are spread on the Hurghada Corniche, the most famous one is “Zooka cafe” to enjoy a special place and beautiful nature and to have the best hot and cold drinks and refreshments.

There are also the Almazah cafes, which is also in the old Sheraton Street, Granada Restaurant & Pub, which is one of the best cafes where delicious food, wonderful decoration, and comfortable stay.

Tourists who prefer to visit popular places that are steeped in the locality and want to live like a local are tempted to go to “seagull” street, which is called “Saqala Street” in local slang, as it is crowded with vendors, visitors, and cafes scattered all over the place.

Relaxing and romantic enthusiasts enjoy the marina

Live like a local in Hurghada

Live like a local in Hurghada

This place is very suitable for newlyweds, those intending to marry, and lovers who seek to spend romantic times away from the noise of the city. In the marina, you can listen and watch the sea and the yachts line up, in romantic places and an idyllic atmosphere.

More local areas you can visit in Hurghada

If you are intending to live like a local in Hurghada, you can wander in Sherry Street, Dahar District, and sit in local inexpensive cafes.

You can enjoy more tours, whether on safari trips, or cheap yacht trips where you can practice diving and Snorkeling, or spend a day on Giftun Island.

There is no doubt that you will live like a local and spend a happy and wonderful local life in Hurghada at the lowest prices.

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