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Live like a local in Alexandria like 100 million Egyptians

Live like a local in Alexandria; a goal to be achieved by the tourists coming from all over the world to the beautiful city of Alexandria, the bride of the Mediterranean sea.

This wonderful historical city was  founded by Alexander the Great more than 2500 years ago, to be a beacon of science and knowledge, a title of art and beauty, and a source of inspiration for poets and artists of all times and places.

Today, we walk around the ancient areas of Alexandria, live like the local people, taste their food, and their arts, and learn about their culture and ancient civilizational heritage.

Let’s start a special tour in the streets of Alexandria

Live like a local in Alexandria

Live like a local on King Fouad Street

It is one of the most ancient streets of Alexandria, with many important archaeological and heritage sites. The street has retained its historical features over the years, and it is indeed the oldest street in the world, dating back to the Ptolemaic era.

Its buildings are characterized by the Greek art, and there are many Greek-style restaurants, and many cafés where local people like to stay up until the early hours of the morning.

Alexandria Opera House (El Sayed Darwish Theatre)

Live like a local in Alexandria

The most important feature of King Fouad Street is the Alexandria Opera House, which is called the Sayed Darwish Theater, after the great  Alexandrian musician Sayed Darwish.

The Alexandria Opera House is distinguished by presenting many great international theoretical and musical shows, in addition to local musical and theatrical performances. All this at low prices that allow the local people to attend and enjoy these shows.

The most important restaurants and cafes at King Fouad Street

 Live like a local at DEJAVU Restaurant & Café

The restaurant is distinguished by offering a range of distinct dishes, local and international, and is accepted by those with special tastes, and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the place.

The place’s décoration combines historical and modern character in an impressive blend, so that diners feel pleasure and relaxation.

Teatro Alexandria Cafe and Restaurant

You can eat the most delicious local breakfast consisting of unleavened bread and honey, and you can also eat croissants and pate, with various refreshing drinks.

It also serves a variety of local meals such as tagines, stuffed pigeons, and different types of mahshi.

The Teatro Café & Restaurant has a lovely seating area, decorated in a Fatimid style.

It is also close to the Alexandria Opera House, and the many cinemas scattered at King Fouad Street.

Teatro Restaurant and Café holds many art evenings, exhibitions and seminars.

Live like a local at Alexandria Atelier

Live like a local in Alexandria

If we branch off from King Fouad Street, we will head to the Alexandria Atelier, which is one of the most important centers of culture and art in the city. The Atelier of Alexandria offers its activities completely free of charge,  it is visited by tourists, expatriates and residents of the city. It features an ancient Islamic style design.

Roman theater and Sawari pillar

Live like a local in Alexandria

If we branch off a little towards the left from King Fouad Street, we will have reached the Koum El-Dikka area, which is one of the ancient neighborhoods of Alexandria, the area that witnessed the birth of the people’s musician Sheikh Sayed Darwish.

And located in this neighborhood  two important monuments; the Sawari pillar and the Roman Museum.

These shrines, despite their importance, attract visitors with low cheap tickets.

Live like a local in Qait-bay Castle in Anfoushi

Live like a local in Alexandria

This castle was built on the western coast of the city, on the site of the ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, which was destroyed after the country was exposed to a violent earthquake. It has a unique architectural character in the Islamic style. Due to its distinguished location on the Mediterranean coast, and its surroundings of important attractions such as the Aquarium, visitors can enjoy visiting it and spending a nice time in this charming area on the sea coast.

Qait-Bay Castle is famous for its unique and magnificent views of the Mediterranean coast, and around its courtyard there are souvenir sellers, they sell miniature models of the castle, and accessories made of beautiful sea shells.

Live like a local while you eat a delicious meal of fish in the “Samakmak” shop and enjoy watching the sea.

As long as we are in the Anfushi area, we should not miss visiting the Abu Al-Abbas Al-Mursi Mosque, which is distinguished by its high minarets and unique design, which is one of the important tourist destinations in Alexandria.

Raml Station Square

Live like a local in Alexandria

It is located in the center of the city, it is considered its commercial center, and it has a grave of the unknown soldier.  There is a Wonderful local markets centre called “Zanqet el setat”, an old market center consisting of a group of parallel and intersecting lanes, in which small shops are spread out that sell various products at cheap prices. Its distinctive folk character, where tourists are prevalent, buy local products and souvenirs, and take the most wonderful pictures.

Live like a local in Alexandria

There are many popular restaurants in that area, such as “Mohamed Ahmed” restaurant, which is famous for serving beans, falafel, lentil soup, and other delicious popular foods with a variety of salads and appetizers. Live like a local in Alexandria.

New Alexandria Library

Live like a local in Alexandria

The project of the ancient Library of Alexandria which was one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and was a beacon of knowledge to the whole world, and included the mothers of books in various sciences and arts, has been revived.

The new Bibliotheca Alexandrina offers many cultural activities, and includes a number of museums, including the Sky Dome. It is also launching several important initiatives such as the Manuscript Restoration Education Course.

The new Bibliotheca Alexandrina is located in the Shatby area, in the vicinity of Al-Silsila Square, with wonderful breathtaking views of the sea. The New Bibliotheca Alexandrina is an architectural and civilized symbol that deserves to be visited and seen, and Live like a local in Alexandria.

The wonderful beaches of Alexandria

Live like a local in Alexandria

Alexandria has a large number of beaches that extend up to 40 km on the shore of the Mediterranean, from the far east of the city in the Abu Qir region, to the northern coast area in the far west that you can live like a local in Alexandria.

The weather in Alexandria in general is moderate, its air is cool in the summer, its beaches are of soft crystal white sand, and the sea water is turquoise blue, with waves mostly calm and suitable for most water sports. Tourists can enjoy swimming in the sea.

Live like a local on Stanley Bridge

Live like a local in Alexandria

You still have a lot to see in the charming city of Alexandria, especially in the evening, where you can spend a wonderful evening walking on the Stanley Bridge, and taking wonderful pictures of this unique design, and watch the sea water surrounding both sides of the bridge in a majestic scene. You can Live like a local in Alexandria, and have the most delicious refreshments in the “Stanley Sultana” cafe.

There are more important and wonderful attractions in Alexandria that help you Live like a local as you meet its wonderful people, who treat visitors with love and kindness.

There are 7 cities in the world called Alexandria, but the most famous and lovable  one in the whole world is Alexandria of Egypt.

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