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live like a local In Luxor city in 7 amazing days

Live like a local in Luxor, and discover the fragrance of history, the simplicity of the populationز

Tourists go to Luxor for many reasons; to live like a local In Luxor is an important part of their trip. Luxor is the most famous and beautiful city in the world, for its treasures of the ancient Egyptian civilization, which is more than seven thousand years old.

Luxor is considered the most important tourist destination in Egypt and the world. It is visited by tourists in the winter to seek the warmth of its bright sun, and to escape the icy atmosphere in their country.

A visit to Luxor is a unique visit that deserves to be documented. It is not just a city. We are here talking about monuments that tell a long history.

Especially the temples, which are of great historical importance to the ancient Egyptians.

During our tour today in the historic Egyptian city of Luxor we will learn about many of the areas that tourists love to visit. To Live like a local In Luxor you can go to popular restaurants, which offer types of local and international dishes.

We also learn about more markets that offer local products, which tourists like to buy, such as accessories, pharaonic statues, herbs, and spices.

Visit public restaurants in Luxor and live like a local

You can live like a local In Luxor when visiting this group of restaurants with a popular character, which serves the most delicious cuisine that Luxor is famous for.

Sofra Restaurant & Cafe

Live like a local In Luxor

Visitors of Sofra Restaurant and Café feel a lot of comforts, as there are many comfortable seating areas with a local character, whether sitting in the attached garden, terrace, or inside the restaurant.

The restaurant offers a distinguished menu of local cuisine in Luxor, and delicious appetizers, such as lentil soup, pickled eggplant, and many main dishes, such as duck, types of Mahashi, and Moulouhia with rabbits, molokhia tagine, and okra.

Al-Sahabi ally restaurant

The restaurant serves a variety of dishes between local and international, including Lebanese and Italian, in order to satisfy all tastes.

In addition to common local dishes, the restaurant serves a variety of fish, as well as a special menu of delicious oriental sweets.

Al Marsam Hotel and Restaurant

Live like a local In Luxor

You will really feel like you live like a local In Luxor in this distinctive Makam, which is more than 80 years old and is located on the western mainland, in an open area that provides visitors with a wonderful view of the Nile and the archaeological areas around it.

The restaurant serves a range of dishes, including light dishes such as omelets and falafel, and full lunches that include local fish, grills, and local tagines.

The Lantern Room

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Awarded an Excellent Trip Advisor rating, the restaurant serves Egyptian and Western food, with options suitable for vegetarians, as well as other gluten-free options.

The hospitality there is distinctive and the menu is varied between Egyptian tagines and the famous Western dishes, and among the special dishes are fish and potatoes.

 Restaurant 1886

Live like a local In Luxor

French cuisine, serving seafood and meat specialties.

Address of 1886 Corniche El Nil Restaurant inside Sofitel Winter Palace Hotel.

The tourist market in Luxor (the kingdom of antiques)

Live like a local In Luxor

The market is located a few meters from the square of the Luxor railway station and on the right side of the street leading to the Sidi Abu Al-Hajjaj Mosque in Luxor.

The Tourist Market Street in Luxor is a copy of “Khan El Khalili” Street in central Cairo, with its distinctive tourist bazaars, which include gifts, antiques, Pharaonic antiques, spices, and others.

The tourist market includes dozens of hand-made pharaonic statues, papyri, and accessories of a pharaonic style, as well as a group of perfume shops that sell incense and spices, as well as drinks of a Saidi character such as “hibiscus, carob, and dom”.

The tourist market includes a distinguished group of perfume shops that have the strongest and rarest incense and historical perfumes in Egypt and the whole world, and attract tourists as soon as they see their distinctive display, and shops that include different and distinctive types of Egyptian dates sold at prices from 10 to 50 pounds, according to the type and quality of dates.

A part of the exhibits in the Luxor tourist market

In the market, many types of Egyptian popular food are sold, including “dry molokhia” and “dry okra.”

Pharaonic and authentic Arabic style food and drink utensils on Souq Street.

Live like a local In Luxor

All the tourist groups that come to Egypt from European countries, America and East Asia, always ask about the tourist market and ask to visit it and enjoy being in the popular cafés inside it in the evening, because of their distinctive character in the Arab sittings that are completely different from the cafés in their countries. They live like a local In Luxor.

A side of gifts and artifacts on the Tourist Market Street in Luxor

Live like a local In Luxor

Tourists inside the market also prefer to buy gifts such as silver, gold, and precious stones from which pharaonic statues are made. This street is also characterized by being the first commercial market of Pharaonic clothes, which were made of various types of fabrics as the style of clothes of the most famous kings of ancient Egypt. The tourist also asks to buy embroidered clothes With pharaonic drawings, of the pharaonic shape to take pictures with, the prices of which do not exceed 200 and 300 pounds for a foreign tourist.

City Mall Luxor


One of the most famous malls in the city, which includes many sections, and tourists are keen to visit it

In the mall there are a number of various stores to enjoy the shopping experience in Luxor in one place.

Live like a local In Luxor

  • Clothing stores from the local Egyptian industry, and traditional clothes from Luxor, as well as the clothes of world famous brands.
  • Watch shops and there are special collections to suit different tastes and occasions.
  • Perfume shops, which is the wonderful experience that you might want to go through while shopping in Luxor.
  • Gift shops to buy souvenirs and figurines.
  • Accessories stores.
  • Shoe shops.

City Mall Luxor Restaurants

One of the most famous restaurants in Luxor City Mall is Chicken Broast City Mall Luxor, but there are many restaurants that you must pass by and have a meal during the shopping experience in Luxor.

  • Mirage Bar.
  • Chicken Broast in Luxor City Mall.
  • The fez.
  • Palm Terrace.
  • Nubian.
  • Journa.
  • Jolly Phil.
  • Aladdin Café is one of the distinctive cafés that you must pass by while shopping in Luxor.

Luxor City Mall opening timing

For reservations and inquiries about the Luxor City Mall appointment and to book Luxor trips, you can contact the number 01122788800 and enjoy the strongest offers of the travel guide in Luxor.

Thus, dear tourist, you can spend wonderful days, visiting the ancient Egyptian monuments, and also getting to know the life of the inhabitants of Luxor, and Live like a local there.

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