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Live like a local in Dahab 2021 and enjoy the most wonderful tourist trips in Egypt

Live like a local in Dahab is one of the tourist experiences that you can live. You will enjoy the wonderful beaches on the Gulf of Aqaba, with golden sands, and discover the pure nature, diverse marine creatures, and colourful coral reefs in the best diving sites in the world.

Dahab is one of the most famous tourist places in Egypt in South Sinai, where it has beautiful beaches and wonderful coral reefs. It is considered one of the best places to practice scuba diving, and tourists from all over the world come to it to participate in diving competitions.

Live like a local in Dahab

Dahab is surrounded by pure deserts and towering mountains, and the most amazing opportunities for safari and camping trips.

You can also live like a local in Dahab, when you visit nature reserves, which combine the magic of the Red Sea, the splendour of deserts and mountains, such as Nabq Reserve, Abu Galum Reserve, Coral Island, and Laguna Island, all of which are suitable places for diving, camping, and also fun safari trips.

There are many clubs to teach diving and snorkelling, with the necessary tools, and highly qualified instructors

You will have plenty of opportunities to take fantastic pictures and record exciting moments during your trip.

Live like a local in Dahab’s restaurants

The foreign tourist enjoys tasting popular Egyptian dishes, and he is keen to eat in local restaurants, mingle with the locals and learn about their culture through their favourite types of food.

Ali Baba Restaurant

Live like a local in Dahab

One of the most famous restaurants in Dahab city, characterized by its wonderful location on the sea, and comfortable seating with a popular character.

The restaurant offers different colours of food, combining various types of fish of Red sea, and skillfully prepared chicken meals that guarantee the unique taste and likeable flavour.

The restaurant also offers oriental and western dishes to satisfy the tastes of patrons of all nationalities.

One of the additional services provided by the restaurant is a set of fresh fruits after eating, which can be replaced with ice cream. Then have a cup of tea with Bedouin herbs.

Tourists are attracted to Ali Baba Restaurant for its wonderful sea views, unforgettable scenes, professional and friendly staff, and the beauty and cleanliness of the place.

Chicken king restaurant

Live like a local in Dahab while you eat the most delicious grilled chicken meals, prepared in multiple delicious ways. It also offers delicious Egyptian dishes that tourists love, such as molokhia, okra tagines, and many other options, with a large selection of salads and pickles, all at very cheap prices, which makes the restaurant crowded continuously.

Farsha Restaurant

Live like a local in Dahab

It is one of the wonderful restaurants in Dahab. You can eat delicious meals with friends or family at great prices. Farsha Restaurant has amazing views of the seaside, and it is famous for its seafood, as well as local and international dishes.

Nirvana Restaurant

Live like a local in Dahab

If you, dear tourist, prefer international food types, you will find in Nirvana Restaurant a variety that meets all your needs, such as Western, Asian, Indian, and the local Egyptian dishes that makes you live like a local in Dahab. Vegetarian food lovers have a good chance to fulfil their requests.

Shark Restaurant

Live like a local in Dahab 2021 and enjoy the most wonderful tourist trips in Egypt 3, Egypt Taxi Transfers, Private Airport Transfers

It is a really special restaurant, its design and decoration express a beautiful taste, inspired by the popular environment, on the seashore. It takes care of all the small details that make dining in it an unforgettable experience, starting with the dinnerware and dishes, to the good coordination and style of food presentation, plus the friendly treatment for the work team.

A visit to Shark Restaurant promises delicious meals of seafood, local and international dishes.

kitchen restaurant

The kitchen restaurant specializes in serving Thai, Chinese and Indian food, and special sushi dishes, and has been ranked among the bst restaurants in Dahab.

Budah Restaurant

Live like a local in Dahab

For seafood lovers, Bodah Restaurant offers diners a wonderful range of fresh fish dishes, with seafood and various items that tourists love, which are prepared in special ways that make them delicious.

The restaurant offers excellent rates for groups, with a reminder that early reservations are required due to the constant crowding of the restaurant.

Shopping in Dahab

Live like a local in Dahab

The pleasure of tourism in any country is not complete without passing through its malls and buying gifts and souvenirs

Dear tourist, let us take you on a tour of some of the shopping areas in Dahab, where tourists buy local products, and clothes printed with pharaonic drawings, decorated with gilded and shiny threads.

Leather products and handmade rugs are also very popular.

Tourists show a special interest in Khan El-Khalili products, which are widely sold in Dahab markets, whether copperware, accessories and gold, as well as spices and perfumes.

Masbat area

Live like a local in Dahab

If you want to live like a local in Dahab, do not miss to visit the simple area, which is an ideal area for shopping and getting to know many stores that display local products such as clothes, gifts and antiques, as well as various international goods that tourists request.

What distinguishes the Masbat area is also the spread of cafes and restaurants, as well as diving clubs and many international resorts.

Asala market

It is a commercial market that contains food products that visitors need, such as vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and chicken, as well as electrical and household appliances, all at good prices.

In the vicinity of the market, there are several cafes where visitors can relax and drink various drinks.

Ghazala Market

Live like a local in Dahab

It is an air-conditioned mall, one of the largest in the city, and contains departments for selling vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs and household items at an affordable price.

Melil area

It is located on a road parallel to the coast of the Red Sea and includes many restaurants and cafes that serve various food and drinks, as well as simple homes and hotels where visitors stay and Live like a local in Dahab.

El-mashraba area

Live like a local in Dahab

The area was called by this name because camels used to come to it to drink water, and it is one of the important tourist areas in the city of Dahab.


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